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Founder: Etihad Hajj was founded by the direction of Imam Sayed Rashed Saberi, he is an educated Islamic scholar and a graduate in Islamic history, who holds years of experience in preaching and leading Muslims to Hajj. He had the privilege of working under the leadership of his father, Imam Sayed Hussain Saberi since 1997, where he learned how to best serve Allah’s guests in this important spiritual journey.    More about Imam Sayed Saberi.
 Colleagues: Education, experience, and dedication of the founder have been instrumental in instructing devoted and dutiful colleagues who are proud to have the honor in assisting the Muslims of America and Canada to perform a convenient and proper pilgrimage according to jurisprudence. This excellent service, which is offered by our expert multilingual team, is provided at the most affordable price. We invite you to join us in the best spiritual experience because we believe the guests’ satisfaction brings the host (Allah SWT) satisfaction.
  • Salam. I hope you and your family are doing great insha'allah. My mother and grandmother told me about all the great things that you did for them during Hajj. I really appreciate all that you and your family have done for them prior to and during Hajj. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your continuous patience, guidance and assistance. My family is honored to have been introduced to sincere, respectful and pious people like yourself, your family members and Etihad Hajj Group Members. I will definitely recommend Etihad Hajj to anyone that is interested in going to Hajj in the future insha'allah. Thank you so much for everything. Pass my greetings to everyone in your family.

  • Assalamu alikum, I would like to thank haji agha for giving us a great unforgettable memory on our holy journey. To me personally it was a life changing experience and everyone in our group were great, generous and very helpful. may Allah give all of you long healthy life. I wish you all the best and thanks for all the help on this trip. May Allah accept our hajj and all our duas. Sorry for replying very late I was sick. Alhamdulliah I'm doing good now.

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    I can honestly say this was the best trip of my life. I have traveled to many places and this one was the most meaningful of all my trips. Hearing from people who have done Hajj before with other groups, doing the rituals was the best with this group and that is the most important part of this trip. The hotels were good and the food was great. The only suggestions I have is to: 1. provide an itenarary outlining the dates and number of days staying in each city/place. It can be just approximate, but it will help a lot 2. it will be great if Imam has an organizer staying throughout the trip so he can concentrate on rituals only 3. it will be great if Imam is on time for the meetings

  • Salam I wanted to inform you that we just returned from ziarat. I want to thank you for everything. It was very memorable trip. May moula bless you immensely and keep up the good work.
    Syed Ali Naqvi
  • Al salam alaikum, It was my pleasure to be one of you group who did hajj this year and i would recommend you to all people i know cause i felt when i was there that i am between my family. God bless you all and inshalla hajj makboool to all of you. First let me thank you again for a great hajj trip. It was a holy trip and you planned it well and worked hard to make it as successful as possible. In addition to hajj memories, your personal guidance and friendship are memorable as well. Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Salaam everyone, its exactly a week from now we got back to state from this holy trip, i miss you all already, what a beautiful and good group we were i hope everyone is safe and healthy, I just wanted to thank Etihad hajj proudly and specially haji aghaie Saberi for all what they did for us. May Allah Bless us all to be a part of such holy and blessed trip again inshah allah

  • Just wanted to thank and appreciate from Etihad Hajj specially Haj Said Rashid Sabiri and all who facilitated this spiritual journey of Hajj 2019 ( Mekah Moazama ), Me and my mom were part of the group who got the chance to be in this great trip, with the facilitation and hard working of Agha Sabiri everything was perfect, beside having a wonderful and complete acts and virtues, the hotels in Madina and Makkah were awesome five stars hotels close to Haram, which let us conduct all our prayers inside the Haram, the buffet food was fabulous. Once again my special regards and appreciation to you all team Etihad Hajj, God grant you Sawab and give you more ability to provide such a great spiritual and memorable journey.
    R. Jafar from California:
  • I can only say that the words can explain the trip but the experience of it is unforgettable. I wish everyone can do this once in a lifetime journey to Mecca and Madinah so they experience what I saw and experienced. Specially with Etihad Hajj group and a very well informed and scholar like Hajji-e-Aghi Saberi being the leader of the group. I hope that I can do Umrah with him. I thank you, Hajji Agha and the whole Etihad group for making it possible. Have a pleasant day.

  • Alhamdullilah it was a great trip! Really appreciate all the love and support from all! Insha'Allah we all meet again.

  • Nasia from Chicago:
    It feels great to be called haji Nasia I really appreciate your leadership and guidance in each and every step. You explained everything in such detail which made this hajj an amazingly memorable experience for all of us. May Allah bless you and your family.
    Nasia from Chicago: