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Sayed Rashed Saberi is the middle son of Ayatullah Sayed Hussain Saberi, and the seventh generation of the Saberi Islamic scholar family.

He began his studies at the very young age in the Islamic seminary (Hawzah) established by his father in Mashhad and then continued studies under the grand scholars in both Mashhad and Qom, he is honored to have received representation certificates of the grand jurists from all Mashhad, Qom and Najaf.

Simultaneously, he graduated from Azad University of Mashhad in History and Civilization of Islamic Countries. He studied his master in world history in New York.
Besides the numerous audio/video speeches, some of his academic researches include:
“Shia Religious Management”.
“Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Genocide”.
“Europe Before the Crusades”.
“Africa Before Islam”.
“Traditions and Development During the Safavid dynasty”.
“Historiography in Islam during the 11th Century”.
“Polygamist Prophet”.
“The Jewish Enlightenment”.

In 2007 he established a Youth Association in NewYork, which has been providing guidance, counseling, and mentorship to the Muslim youth community. As a result many of his students/attendants now are honorable and be-nevolent citizens.

To assist in organizing an ideal pilgrimage for American Muslims, he established Etihad Hajj and Ziyarat, and has since lead over thousands of Muslims to pilgrimage.

In 2010, with the support of the office of the Grand Ayatullah Sayed Sistani, he established Orphans Relief Foundation, which serves to assist hundreds of orphans with food, clothes and educational materials.

In 2014, he has been elected as board of director for the Council of Shia Scholars in America.

He is the first Shia scholar who lead the congregational prayer at the White House, when President Obama had invited the ambassadors of the Islamic countries for Iftar dinner during Ramadan.

In 2019, the Harvard University appreciated his valued role in the Muslim-American community as a notable scholar and speaker.